Kikao64 is a flexible and creative coworking space in the town of Eldoret in Kenya’s Rift Valley, an agricultural hub famed for its long-distance runners. Inspired by the Swahili word kikao (a place of coming together), it was conceived as a modern gathering place where people can share experiences, ideas, and make meaningful connections. Kikao64 nurtures Kenya’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and offers free space for non-profits, athletes, and start-ups in need.

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Work, Connect and Achieve

Regular social events and training workshops empower its community of passionate, socially-conscious leaders—encouraging them to positively transform Eldoret, Kenya, Africa, and the world beyond. Kikao64 offers members affordable, fully-serviced desk space, shared offices, and meeting rooms in a beautifully designed and responsibly renovated historic building. The in-house cafe, environmentally-conscious contemporary decor, and vibrant atmosphere make it a relaxed yet productive place to work and collaborate. True to its commitment to being a socially inclusive, open opportunity enterprise, the Kikao64 team represents a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

I see it as a kind of social center for serious people.

– Hannie Biwott

Kikao64 SROI Impact report 2021-22

In 2022, Kikao64 released a report covering the period 2021 to 2022 which outlines the impact of Kikao64 on its community and environment. Kikao64 aims to measure its value creation through Social Return on Investment (SROI), considering economic, social, and environmental benefits.

Economically, Kikao64 has generated a social value of $553,621.45, with a $5.66 return for every $1 invested. It has directly created 7 jobs and supported around 15 others, contributing to local and national economies.

Kikao64 fosters a supportive environment by providing subsidized spaces for various groups, hosting business workshops and tech training, and focusing on members’ well-being through events and discussions.

Sustainability is a core focus for Kikao64, operating with clean energy, recycled materials, and promoting waste management. It has also influenced the commercial real estate market in Eldoret and supported youth art and talent.

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