Golden Chalk Program

Driven by the belief that teachers shape young minds and are the most influential force in a nation, Mrs. Hannie Biwott (VWT’s founder & former secondary school teacher), created Golden Chalk as a way to motivate, reward, and inspire Kenyan teachers.

Golden Chalk is a 10-day journey through Israel for Kenyan teachers who have been recognized for their outstanding commitment and contribution to education. Up to twenty teachers from across the country are selected by their students in a secret ballot, ensuring the best people are chosen by the right people. As part of the Golden Chalk journey, the teachers visit Israel’s unique historic, cultural, and religious sites as well as local schools and innovative enterprises. They meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, share ideas, and return home with a renewed enthusiasm for teaching. Beyond an immediate desire to thank Kenya’s extraordinary teachers and reward them for their exemplary contributions, the Golden Chalk has a broader mission to bridge social and cultural gaps, promote awareness of Jewish heritage, and share a passion for modern Israel.

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I have been teaching in Kenya. Whoever my pupils were, wherever my pupils were, I always loved them. Pupils will always know when their teacher loves them. They always know it when the teacher goes the extra step out of her way to help them more, and do more, and make them succeed. They’ll know it.

Hannie Biwott

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