Van Woustraat Trust has sponsored the construction and refurbishment of 17 libraries in primary and secondary schools across Kenya. The libraries were kitted out with books, IT and furniture.

Reading for Life

“In my own life, exposure to books at an early age inspired a lifelong love of reading and a window into the wider world. When I had children of my own, I wanted them to enjoy the same experience. I know firsthand that reading can open doors and inspire a respect for other ideas, opinions and cultures. And I know all too well that not all parents are in a position to buy every book their children might wish to read. Nor do all parents have the necessary knowledge to recommend age-appropriate books that might satisfy their curiosity at any given stage, soothe their concerns or inspire further reading.”

Hannie Biwott

Library construction in the Chepketeret locality in Kenya.

Grandparents and grandchildren reading together in Chepketeret Primary library.

Kapchorwa library construction.

Students in Kapchorwa Primary enjoying a reading session in the library.

A worker at the Chepsigot library construction site

Students participating in a holiday reading programme hosted in the Chepsigot Mixed Day Secondary School library.

Exterior of the Kapkitony building under renovation for its respective library.

The girls at Kapkitony Girls Secondary going through the books in the library.

Interior of the Kimwarer library construction site.

Kimwarer Secondary students looking through the books on display in the library.

Workers on the Mokwo library construction site.

Students at Mokwo Primary relaxing with a book in the library.

A worker at the St. Joan library construction site.

Two students from St. Joan’s Primary enjoying a cozy time reading in the library.

A well-stocked library with a skilled librarian at the helm is an invaluable asset to every community and every school.

– Hannie Biwott