The Van Woustraat Trust conducted a Social Return on Investment Study (SROI) over the course of 2021-2022 for Kikoa64 with the support of Impact Reporting, the team at Kikao64 and social value and economist consultants.

SROI is an estimation of the monetary (economic) and non-monetary (social and environmental) benefits of a programme or organisation together. It’s powerful because it values intangible things like wellbeing in financial terms. This allows interventions to be compared by a ratio of cost-input to benefit-output.

Download the SROI Report

Kikoa64 sROI Report 2021-2022

Kikao64 Hub Eldoret is a modern coworking space & creativity hub for Eldoret’s community of professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers & athletes where they can share experiences, ideas, and make meaningful connections. Kikao64 nurtures Kenya’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and offers free space for nonprofits, athletes, and start-ups in need.


SROI Ratio
$1.00 : $5.66

88% of surveyed members reported that Kikao64 boosted their productivity.

78% of members reported growth to their business as a result of Kikao64, of which an average growth of 38% was reported. This translates to over $190,000 of economic value created for members.

Our solar electricity generation saved 0.6 tonnes of carbon emissions.

I see it as a kind of social center for serious people.

– Hannie Biwott